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Thrilling Heroics Rules for D&D 5e

Thrilling heroics have always been an important part of adventuring in table-top roleplaying games. The rules of 5th edition are great for covering most basic action but occasionally players want something more exciting to happen. The swashbuckler may want to distract opponents by kicking the table at them, or the cavalier leaps from their charging horse to make a more devastating attack, this is all part of thrilling heroic action at the heart of adventure based roleplaying games.

No, racism is not required in a fantasy world

I had one of those unpleasant exchanges on a Dungeons & Dragons 5e group the other day, where you offer some resource that works for you and someone comes out of left field and goes on a racist tirade. It’s social media and I’m pretty good at ignore things like that personally, but the idea that folks new to the hobby might not realize the cheap tactics and toxic behavior behind replies like the one I got.

Rime of the Frostmaiden Remixes

Remixes have become a great way for DMs to talk about how they are using published content in the wild for their actual 5th edition games. It focuses on how you arrange or change the elements to suit your individual game and style, and avoids the o-so-very-internet thing of labeling things as broken or awesome.
RPG Resources

Character Voices Reference

Doing in-character voices is a hit or miss prospect for some games, and by no means required in a table-top RPG. As a DM that enjoys doing voices for various NPCs in my world I find this table helpful to develop different inspiration for voice types I might use, and having a reference like this lets me make a quick note so I can be sure to use the same voice next time. I compiled this list from a few descriptions for theater actors around the web and hope you’ll find it useful for your game as well.