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Shadowdark · Lore

Design Goals of Etherea

Yesterday, I posted some initial lore for Etherea (Ah-Ther-ee-ah), a homebrew world am interested in developing for a setting I’m creating for a new Shadowdark game. This is a personal endeavor, not intended for publication (other than on my blog here). I’m captivated by the idea of things manifesting in the world based on emotions, beliefs, etc., and the resulting chaos of magic surrounding it. The concept is akin to the Umbra from Werewolf: The Forsaken, Spren in the Stormlight Archives, or entities like the creature in the Babadook that manifests from fear or unfulfilled wishes.
Shadowdark · Lore

Introduction to the World of Etherea

Etherea is the initial idea for a setting I’ve crafted for the Shadowdark Tabletop Roleplaying game, designed to foster a sense of intrigue and danger inherent in the exploration of magic and the supernatural. The core concept of the world, the Umbraweave, is meant to evoke a persistent sense of mystery and unease, underlining the idea that behind the veil of reality, potent emotions and intense events birth spirits that drift in the shadows. The aim is to instill a constant sense of tension and wonder in the players, offering them a world where magic is as unpredictable and dangerous as it is powerful.