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Malevolent Monsters - The Mind Reaver

In the thrilling realm of Dungeons & Dragons, where weI’ve crafted epic battles and monstrous foes, I’m thrilled to introduce my latest creation, the Mind Reaver. This new entity is a nightmarish variation of the classic Mind Flayer. It’s not just a twisted iteration but an entirely different beast that thrives in chaos and malice, unlike its lawful evil kin. The Mind Reaver promises to surprise, challenge, and instill a sense of dread in even the most seasoned adventurers. As I bring this unpredictable creature into our stories, I aim to add another layer of depth to our collective adventures. So get ready, fellow Dungeon Masters and players, as we dive headlong into the chaotic and terrifying world of the Mind Reaver.
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Monster Resistance Totals in 5e

Taking down monsters in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons is arguably what you will spend the most time doing in game. Defeating a creature isn’t just a matter of damage, as many monsters will also have Weaknesses (W), Resistances (R), or Immunities (I). Monster with a particular weakness takes double the amount of damage from that type of attack. Likewise, a foe with resistance will only take half the amount of damage from that particular damage type. And in some cases, an enemy that is immune to a particular effect will take no damage at all from it. Therefore, understanding resistances can be a critical element to surviving as an adventurer or planning as a DM.
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The Language of Monsters in 5e

Many monsters in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons list a language in their stat block. Aside from its ability to hurl insults in combat, sharing a language can open options for lore or negtiation during play. But which languages to most monsters speak and understand? This isn’t an easy question to answer because DnD does not provide their monster stat blocks in an easily parsable format. So I found The Great DnD 5e Monster Spreadsheet online, cleaned up the data and began to parse out some of the the answers.