A ramshackle and squat two story stone building made held together by rotting timbers, with opaque frosted windows and a dilapidated tiled roof. It sits on a side road along the edge of town slightly northeast of the road to Targos. This is a standard 25x25 battlemap I created for my Rime of the Frostmaiden camapgin, I hope you can use it too.

This former brewery and tavern served as a rallying place for scholars during the closing decades of The Spellplague. Decades of discarded manuscripts, journals, books and other writings accumulated and became a crude library of local lore and obscure works. It has been years since revelers or scholars frequented this place. Today, the taphouse is a tumble of infrequently used brewing supplies interspersed with stacks of dusty and aging written works.

The current proprietor is a bleary eyed halfling named Tricork Barrelbounder (neutral good male commoner), a distant relation to one of the original owners from the taphouses hay day. Tricork speaks with an almost unintelligible slurring to his words, and always appears unkempt and somewhat damp with a pronounced cough. Despite his unkempt demeanor, Tricork has read most of the works in full or part at one time or another and has a knack for recalling obscure facts. After years of being dismissed and his families decline, he is gruff and unwelcoming but willing to help with anyone who takes a gentle hand with him.

Library users have advantage on any Intelligence based skill checks involving local lore while using library resources. Because of the lack of organization, research takes twice as long as normal if Tricork is not helping characters navigate the collection.

I created this map using DungeonDraft for use in my version of Rime of the Frostmaiden.

Battlemap of a small tavern and snowly streets. Inside maps and books litter the tables.